COVID-19 Guidance: Summer Day Camps Version 3 – August 13, 2020


This guidance provides basic information only and will be updated when the Provincial Government issues it's new directive for 2021.

It is not intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or legal advice. In the event of any conflict between this guidance document and any orders or directives issued by the Minister of Health or the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), the order or directive prevails.

Please check the Ministry of Health (MOH) COVID-19 website regularly for updates to this document, Reference Document for Symptoms, mental health resources, and other information.

Please check the Directives, Memorandums and Other Resources page regularly for the most up to date directives.


In order to support phased reopening of Ontario businesses, services and public spaces during the post-peak period of the COVID-19 pandemic, summer day camps that comply with provincial and municipal COVID-19 guidance are permitted to operate during the summer of 2020.