Lots of room to explore!

Waterfall Trail- This fun trail is great for all levels of snowshoers.  The trail winds past the scenic Rockside waterfall, then meanders along a burbling brook into a rich ceder forest before heading out into the wind protected ‘back 9’ area.  The trail meanders among tall rows of trees before taking a hidden, wooded trail back to the start of the Waterfall Trail.


Horizon Hike- IF you’re looking for some incredible views of South Georgian Bay and the Nottawasaga Valley below, this trail has what you’re looking for.  The trail heads out to the edge of the ‘front 9’ and then follows a tree line past some ponds and streams before heading up an old roadway before getting to the highest point of the trail.  Stop to take a break at the picnic tables, maybe even bring some snacks, before heading back down along a switchback and a straightaway to the Clubhouse.


The Maze- This trail can be accessed either from the Waterfall Trail or directly via a trail heading south from the Clubhouse.   It winds through some big open spaces before heading up a switchback to the top of the escarpment.  Here it dives into a hardwood forest full of trails that zigzag among the trees and rocks before circling back to the top of switchback.  At this point, snowshoers can connect with the Horizon Hike trail or wind down switchback and a straightaway to the Clubhouse.


Upper Trails- Head up via The Horizon Hike or The Maze to access more than 5km of additional trails through amazing Niagara Escarpment woodlands.  Short trails such as Narnia, Log Roll and Skyway are all part of these fun trails. 

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Camp Registration opens on February 20, 2021



Stacie Smith

Camp Owner and Head Coach

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Duntroon Highlands Resort

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